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“‘HA!’ strikes comical chords”Barbara Clark – Wicked Local

“The five cast members transform themselves from one act to the next, taking on new roles in each of the vignettes.”Sue Mellen – Cape Cod Times

By Rich Orloff

Directed by Toby Wilson

From the writer of “Radio Ridiculous” comes this hilarious collection of three one act plays.

“Oedi”: The King of Thebes hand-picked committee has discovered who was responsible for the death of his predecessor. Unfortunately, they come bearing information the King does not want to hear.

“The News from St. Petersburg”: In this Chekhovian spoof, two married, land owning aristocrats receive disquieting news of revolution in distant St. Petersburg. They try to verify this with their servants, only to find out the revolution has already reached their home.

“The Whole Shebang”: This whimsical comedy asks the question; what if our entire reality was merely the result of a rather middling graduate student’s thesis project taking place in another dimension?

Together the three pieces create a hilarious full-length show which lasts about 90 minutes.

Steve Ross, Janet Geist-Moore, Drew Krauss, Deanna Dziedzina, David Simpson

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