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Our Town, is a play that is about a community that cares about all its residents. The characters in Our Town see each other every day and maintain a warm, compassionate attitude toward each other. They have their flaws and are not perfect, but the town of Grover’s Corners is a model of a good, kind, well-knit community.

The themes of the play center around joy, love, friendship, as well as longing, disappointment, loss and death. The play goes out of its way to make audiences aware that they are, in fact, watching a play. Characters break the fourth wall throughout the performance. There is no set, minimal props, and actors often pantomime holding objects.

The central character, referred to as the Stage Manager, addresses the audience directly and changes the time and setting of the action taking place as well as playing the roles of various characters in the play. Our Town is often referred to as being ‘metatheatrical’ in that the show is constantly breaking the conventions normally associated with theatrical productions.


Stephen Rourke, Susanna Creel, Andrew Caira, Dan Wrehncke, Cathy Ode, David Simpson, Sophia Cohrs, Kathleen Larson Day, Kelly Martin, Doug Sivco, Leigh Wilson, Jody O’Neil, Chuck Gifford, Drew Krausse, Glenn Starner-Tate, Kevin Kenneally, Mae Herington, Jennifer Kangas, Joyce Black

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Running February 24th through March 13th on the Gertrude Lawrence Stage at the historic Dennis Union Church.

Friday & Saturday @ 7:30 PM – Sunday Matinees @ 2:00 PM

Box Office (508) 233-2148 or tickets available at the door.

Friday, February 25th will be a “Pay What You Want” Performance.

CASH ONLY at the door!

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