Kaplan Playwright Competition

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 finalists for the Kaplan New Playwrights/New Plays Competition: 

(in alphabetical order)

Leslie Gabel-Brett, for Woodhull/Beecher

Gwyn McAllister, for Inappropriate Pants

Konrad Rogowski, for Coloring Outside the Lines

Peter Snoad, for Now What?

The four finalists will submit a final draft to our judges on August 1. The winners will be announced mid-September. Eventide Theatre Company will produce a reading of the first-place winner in December. 

Congratulations to all who submitted to the Kaplan Competition this year, and a deep thanks to our field of readers. 

Christine Ernst
Kaplan Playwrights Competition Administrator, 2024


Competition open to Cape Cod playwrights

Eventide Theatre Company is happy to open its annual full-length playwriting competition for Cape Cod playwrights. The Kaplan New Playwrights/New Plays Competition invites Cape playwrights to submit their full-length work, with a cash prize of $1000 awarded to the winning play. Second and third prize runners-up will receive $500 and $250, respectively. The deadline for submissions is April 15. The registration fee is $25, with scholarships available as needed. The deadline for submitting the completed play, with fee, is April 15. Up to twelve finalists will be selected to move to the second round of judging. They will have an opportunity to present a table reading of their plays, and to make revisions if desired. Finalists will submit their revised plays by August 1, and the winner will be announced by September 15.
In December, a staged reading production of the winning play will be held.

Questions can be directed to Christine Ernst, Kaplan Playwrights Competition Administrator, at [email protected].


Qualification Guidelines

We accept full-length play manuscripts (musicals may be considered IF a recording of the songs is also provided) for consideration as a qualified submission. Plays that have been previously produced will not be considered for this competition. Prior readings of the work are allowed. 

Qualified Submissions MUST have a direct connection to Cape Cod & the Islands.  An example of a direct connection may include:

  • A play written by an author with a Cape Cod & the Islands connection (resident, previous resident, summer resident, artist in residence, performer, etc.)
  • A play with Cape Cod & the Islands settings, major characters, and/or occurrence which impacts the narrative.

These rules ARE subjective and are subject to the interpretation of the Competition Administrators. A $25 administrative fee will apply to all submissions. Scholarship opportunities are available and are based on need.


All plays will receive blind readings by a team of theater professionals. Up to 12 plays will be selected to advance as finalists. Readers’ scoring sheets will be available upon request.

Finalists will have the opportunity to produce a table read of their plays before the completed play is due for submission. They are also encouraged to make any rewrites if they so desire. The final submissions will be read and judged by an advanced theater team, and first, second, and third prize winners will be selected.

The playwright chosen as having submitted the best script will receive a $1,000.00 cash prize and a staged reading production.
The prize for 2nd place is $500, and for third place, $250.

File Upload Specifications

  • PDF file format
  • 10pt font or larger
  • 1 inch margins
  • Your name should not appear anywhere within the document, including cover sheet, title sheet, headers, and footers
  • Uploaded file title should be the name of your play only

“Click here to view the 2024 judging rubric.” 


Previous Winners

The 2007 winner ~ Meridian Summer by Candace Perry

The 2008 winner ~ Sequel by David Kucher

The 2009 winner ~ Eucatastrophe by Andy Reynolds

The 2010 winner ~ This Verse Business by A.M. Dolan

The 2011 winner ~ To Be in the Game by Tom Gotsill

The 2013 winner ~ A Talented Woman by James Dalglish and Lynda Sturner

The 2014 winner ~ Fifteen Men in a Smoke Filled Room by Colin Crowley

The 2015 winner ~ The Final Say by Meryl Cohn

The 2016 winner ~ Bruno by Raymond van Over

The 2017 winner ~ Colonel of Reason by Tom Gotsill

The 2018 winner ~ Office Noise by Bob Dutton

The 2020 winner ~ Touched By War by James Marlow

2022 winner – The Tempest-Tost Theater by Jonathon Ward

2023 winner – Just Walking by Kristin Stewart

New Playwrights/New Plays: the Jeremiah Kaplan Playwriting Competition would like to thank the following for their support:

The Jeremiah Kaplan Foundation

Life was very complicated and busy during the run of Into the Woods, and we really couldn't manage to see it, much to our disappointment. However, we had bought a ticket as a gift for a friend, who raved that it may have been the most professionally done community theatre she has seen here. We couldn't help wishing and hoping it might be repeated sometime. Anyway, that is why you had not heard our assessment of the play, and we wish it could be a rave from us and not just through us!

Betty & Noel T

Eventide Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 independent theatre located in the heart of Dennis Village and is known for presenting  thought-provoking plays, concerts, lectures, and mixed media events. Annually Eventide hosts the Kaplan Playwriting/New Plays competition.