The Cast and crew of pippin

Pippin: Max Dexter

Leading Players: Alex Valentine and Morgan Dexter

Charles: Alex Lucchesi

Fastrada: Rebecca Riley

Bertha: Lynne Johnson

Lewis: Maeve Moriarty

Catherine: Kaleigh Mason

Theo : Dustin Gosselin


Bethany Ambrose

Amy Kraskouskas

Joe Hackler

Maureen ONeill

Hannah Reggio

Director : Donna Wresinski

Musical Direction : Malcolm Granger

Choreographer : Johanna Stipetic

Stage Manager: Kaleigh Mason

ASM/Props: Priscilla Hurley

Set Design : Guy Trudeau

Sound: Adam Wannie

Spot Operator: Frank Scanzillo

Dance Captain: Morgan Dexter

Costumes : Brian Simons and Tami Trask Good

I brought my 99 year old mother with me. Seats in the front were saved for us, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the performance! I think that it was the first time in a long time that my mom was able to hear anything, anywhere! She was delighted and has said over and over how wonderful it was. She really believes that all of the actors must have been from New York or Hollywood because they were all so "terrific". Thank you so much!

B. Crowell

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