The Cast and crew of pippin

Pippin: Max Dexter

Leading Players: Alex Valentine and Morgan Dexter

Charles: Alex Lucchesi

Fastrada: Bethany Ambrose

Bertha: Lynne Johnson

Lewis: Maeve Moriarty

Catherine: Kaleigh Mason

Theo : Dustin Gosselin


Bethany Ambrose

Amy Kraskouskas

Joe Hackler

Maureen ONeill

Hannah Reggio

Director : Donna Wresinski

Musical Direction : Malcolm Granger

Choreographer : Johanna Stipetic

Stage Manager: Kaleigh Mason

ASM/Props: Priscilla Hurley

Set Design : Guy Trudeau

Sound: Adam Wannie

Spot Operator: Frank Scanzillo

Dance Captain: Morgan Dexter

Costumes : Brian Simons and Tami Trask Good

We are members, but we have decided to pay the full price as a donation to Eventide for all the wonderful experiences you have given us. You are a remarkable company and continue to grow and delight us with every production you have done. Thank you.

Judy D

Eventide Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 independent theatre located in the heart of Dennis Village and is known for presenting  thought-provoking plays, concerts, lectures, and mixed media events. Annually Eventide hosts the Kaplan Playwriting/New Plays competition.