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Touched by War by James Marlow

  Eventide Theatre Company recently presented a virtual public reading of this year’s winning play, Touched by War – written by James Marlow, our 2020 Kaplan Playwright winner. This original full-length play was reviewed and selected by a panel of three …

I brought my 99 year old mother with me. Seats in the front were saved for us, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the performance! I think that it was the first time in a long time that my mom was able to hear anything, anywhere! She was delighted and has said over and over how wonderful it was. She really believes that all of the actors must have been from New York or Hollywood because they were all so "terrific". Thank you so much!

B. Crowell

Eventide Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 independent theatre located in the heart of Dennis Village and is known for presenting  thought-provoking plays, concerts, lectures, and mixed media events. Annually Eventide hosts the Kaplan Playwriting/New Plays competition.