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We love to consider all opportunities to support our community, so if you have a request, please don’t hesitate to inquire by ending an email to info@eventidearts.org.

Please include the following items in order to be considered:

Name of organization

Mission/value statement

Donation request

How this donation helps your organization

Marketing opportunities from this donation

We will happily respond within 2 weeks to all requests submitted.

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Enjoyed the show as it was funny and intelligent. My son also enjoyed the show. He is 47 and never been to a venue such as this. He just could not believe how good it was. In fact, he went again today.

Catherine Kelly

Eventide Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 independent theatre located in the heart of Dennis Village and is known for presenting  thought-provoking plays, concerts, lectures, and mixed media events. Annually Eventide hosts the Kaplan Playwriting/New Plays competition.