COMPANY by stephen sondheim

Book by George Furth

Directed by Donna Wresinski – Musical Direction by Pam Wannie

Bobby is a single man (or in the 2020 revival, woman) surrounded by married couples on his/her 35th birthday. Through a series of vignettes featuring lovers and friends, Bobby tries to make sense of the institution of marriage and comes to terms with what it means to be alive.

The Cast and Crew of Company

Bobby:           Zack Johnson

Larry:             John Weltman

Joanne:          Kathleen Larson Day

Sarah:            Meg Morris

Harry:             Mike Good

Jenny:            Lynne Johnson

David:            Ken Holland

Amy:              Rebecca Riley

Paul:              Max Dexter

Susan:           Laura Shea Holland

Peter:             Kevin Kenneally 

Marta:            Morgan Dexter

April:              Sara Bleything (Sneed)

Kathy:            Martha Paquin

DIrector:        Donna Wresinski

Music Director: Pam Wannie

Choreographer: Michelle Colley

Assistant Director: Bonnie Corliss

Stage Manager:   Kaleigh Mason

Producer:  Toby Wilson

Costume Design: Cindy Parker

Tech Director and Designer: Guy Trudeau

Props Priscilla Hurley 

What a great performance last night! We have attended virtually all of the Eventide shows in the past 6 or 7 years and this was one of the best, if not the best, we have seen. Everything about it was outstanding - the singing, acting, sets, props, costumes, lighting, etc. all were incredible. Please thank Donna and all the others on the production staff, as well as the cast, for everything they did to make this such a memorable experience.

Paul & Barbara G

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