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A Child’s Christmas in Wales Cast Announcement

Director Stephen Rourke and Musical Director Sarah Fachada are pleased to announce the principal cast of “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, a musical adaptation of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas’s classic story, opening November 18th at Eventide Theatre Company.

Dylan – Connor McLeod

Father, Benchman – Michael Weber

Mother – Cathy Ode

Hannah – Liz Argo

Nellie – Janet Moore

Gwyn, Smoky – Andrew Krauss

Glyn – Toby Wilson

Tudyr, Postman – Jody O’Neil

Bessie – Jan Bradley Richmond

Elieri – Anna Wimmer

Constable Lloyd-Jones – Bob Wimmer

We are seeking young male and female actors to fill 5 open roles of Dylan’s cousins and mates. Audition details are here.  Please contact Stephen Rourke [sfrourke36@gmail.com; 339-222-3935] as soon as possible if you are interested in auditioning.  

“A Child’s Christmas in Wales” is a full-length musical play, based on Dylan Thomas’s classic story, adapted by Jeremy Brooks and Adrian Mitchell. Set in the Welsh seaside town of Swansea in the 1920’s, the Thomas family celebrates Christmas. Young DYLAN, destined to become a world-renowned poet but on this day an adventure-loving lad of 11 years with a vivid imagination, invites us to join him, his mates, parents, aunts and uncles in recalling and re-living a most adventurous and magical day – a day filled with squabbles, riddles, laughs, disasters, miracles, aunts, uncles, gifts, much food and parsnip wine, ghost stories, song and dance, and the essence of all our Christmases, just the way Christmas always should be.

I go to quite a few plays locally (and occasionally in Boston or New York) and in the "local" category, this was one of the best I have ever seen. The acting, the singing (voices), the story were all SO GOOD. Costumes and set added to the production. Best time I’ve had at the theater in a long time...

Beth Ellis

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